Our Sensei is LT Wimberley-Helmick, a 4th degree black belt in the Chuck Norris System, (Chun Kuk Do), with 40 years of training and teaching experience. She also has trained in the styles of Tang Soo Do, TKD, Shotokan, Krav Maga and BJJ.  She has taught Martial Arts in Texas, Nevada, California and traveled to guest teach in schools throughout the US and in Brazil. She has worked with students aged 3 through 70. She holds M.Ed, B.A. and A.S. degrees in Education, Kinesiology, Physical Education/Recreation & Criminal Justice.

Our motto ‘the possibilities are endless…’ comes from Sensei. She was an avid athlete and competitor in many sports starting at the age of 5.  At 36 she suffered a spinal injury which sidelined her from physical activity for over a decade but she kept active as a coach, even from a wheelchair. She worked hard for four years learning to walk and move again, without falling, and was able to return to active competition in karate in 2011. She opened Infinitus to help others to become their best in all aspects of their lives. She knows that Martial Arts has so much more to offer, than the physical techniques, and is an excellent complement to any other sport as well. Teaching is what drives her to work hard each day. She knows from her experience that life is what you put into it regardless what happens along the way.

Sensei has resided in Hewitt since 1998 with, her husband of 30 years, Pete, along with her father, Grandsir , two dogs and their chickens. Her grown kids Becca, Sami, Ky and Deeds live with their spouses in Austin, CA and VA.


Cecilia Winters (left) – Cecilia has been with Infinitus since 2015 and is the highest ranked student in the dojo. She has been assisting in classes for the past 3 years often working with students 3 times her age. She is an honor student who will be entering high school in the fall of 2020. She has participated in soccer for a number of years in school and on select teams, and was also one of the top runners on the cross country team. Cecilia is an artist, and aside from karate and her school sports, she enjoys singing, drawing, and writing.


Oscar Padilla (right) – is a Senior honor student at Vanguard H.S. who after participating in his first ever season of football, his team made playoffs and he received both 1st and 2nd district team honors for two different positions, and 1st Team All State as an Academic Athlete. He also is an avid soccer player playing Varsity and on select teams based in the DFW area. His ambition is to attend college and major in Chemical Engineering.


These are students selected by Sensei that have shown a hardworking attitude, a desire to improve and a willingness to help along with a near spotless attendance record.

Alex Stephens (center right) – Resides in Hewitt and has been with Infinitus for two years. Alex brings an energy and enjoyable demeanor to everything he does. He works hard both inside and outside the dojo.  He is our resident bad guy who wears a special outfit for our self-defense classes and has a great attitude.

Brittany Kuehne (far left) – Resides in Woodway and works at a local school district. She has studied at Infinitus for two years with her family. She brings in addition to her computer talents, a loyal, honest and hardworking attitude to every class.

David Kuehne (far right) – Resides in Woodway and attends classes with his family. A college professor, David is always willing to help with computer needs and to assist in any class where he is needed, especially the Mini Dragon class. He has a great sense of humor and keeps us on our toes.


Abby Mata was a student in the dojo where Sensei had worked as an instructor during her non-active time. She stayed in contact with Sensei while she taught school for a number of years and returned to now work as the Grappling Instructor at Infinitus. She has three years of training experience in BJJ and is working on her next rank through UFAF BJJ program.