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Our MD program is for our youngest students. We work on all the basic techniques of Martial Arts that our other programs work on but at a slower pace. We work on motor skills, listen skills, both physical and mental aspects of Martial Arts and the basic tenets of respect, discipline, responsibility, honesty and a sense of community within the dojo. Testing is approximately every 6 months, but may be sooner depending on the student.

If a school aged student presents themselves or was in the MD program and has gained the maturity to be able to advance to a longer class period and a more involved learning environment, they are placed in the KD program. The students in this program progress more rapidly thru rank than MD, but not as quickly as the next age group. All the same material is covered for the beginning ranks regardless of the program, so there is no loss of rank as a student moves into the next program. The KD program advances a student at their level of ability continuing all the areas cover in the MD and more as they learn their craft. Testing is approximately every 4-6 months depending on the student.

Students 14 yrs. of age and older, if mature enough to maintain a level of respect and discipline throughout the hour long class with the adults in attendance are placed in the YD class. It is for the beginning ranks of our system and includes those students of no rank and those who have moved up from other programs who are yet to be eligible for the next program. All material required to be learned to advance to the next program needs to be learned prior to requesting admittance into the advanced level class. Testing is approximately every 3-5 months depending on the student.







Our DD program is for those students who have made the decision to dedicate themselves to work towards a 1st degree Black belt and beyond. They will be taught all the necessary techniques needed to test for black belt rank as well as demonstrate the ability to teach students from all programs, all ages, all abilities and all skill levels. They will train harder and longer than YD students and have more requirements and responsibilities for each advanced rank. Testing will be approximately every 4 months until 3rd gup, then every 6 months.

Because of the vibrant homeschooling community within our area, we offer a program for homeschoolers to learn karate in the middle of the morning on Wednesdays. Classes are taught with the same curriculum as our evening programs.

For students who desire to be in the class, or are in the category of physical, mental or emotional of special needs, Our UD class offers a slower paced, shorter time period class. We still work on the same basic techniques of Martial Arts as the MD class and testing is never required or pushed on a student.

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